Abortion Puts the Mind in Danger

Induced abortion presents many physical dangers, such as infection, anesthesia overdose, and pelvic inflammatory disease. All these are health risks that are associated with abortion. But beyond the physical dangers are the dangers that affect the mind of the woman who underwent induced abortion. Unlike physical dangers, the mental dangers are more complex and trickier… Read More »

Planning an Abortion? Know the Complications and Dangers

Abortion has been declared legal in the United States for over three decades. But this does not mean that abortion has become a routine medical procedure like appendectomy. The debates about its ethics, consequences, and dangers are still raging like wildfire. Just as one part appears to have been put to rest, another part burst… Read More »

Why Abortion Can Endanger Your Life

A child is not part of the plan. One common reason why women choose to have a social abortion is to avoid radical changes in their current lifestyles. They are not ready to raise a child or that a child will seriously limit their choices. They might think that a child will ruin their lives… Read More »

Abortion’s Ominous Danger: Cancer

There are many claims about abortion being safe from fatal complications or dangers. A woman who had an abortion may still have a child someday. But it has been found that a significant number of women who died during pregnancy have been found to be related to abortion. This is because women who had abortions… Read More »

Abortion: The Dangers You May Face Years Later

What happens next after abortion? After abortion, a woman should closely watch her body for signs of infection and other abortion complications. Then, after about several months without pain, fever, or nausea, it can be said that the coast is clear. But this is a wrong assumption, several years later, a woman who had an… Read More »